Membership in the timebank is open to any individual, business or organization located in the Chicagoland area.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  The application process includes an in-person or virtual orientation and initial member interview.

The goal of these screening procedures to impart some basic knowledge about the history and practice of timebanking, understand the motivations of new members for joining the timebank and help new members to fully understand their role in developing a diverse marketplace of skills which will allow everyone in the timebank to meet many of their needs within a reasonable radius from their home.

Those located outside of the Chicagoland region are encouraged to seek out and join their local timebank in order to help build the capital that exists where they live.  An exchange coordinator from the Kola Nut Collaborative may be able to assist you with identifying local timebanking assets.  The Hourworld platform allows trade between members of different timebanks when those members post their offers to the Inter-Trade section.

Membership Type & Tier

Individual (1 adult)
$25 + 4 hours per year

Household (up to 3 adults)***
$35 + 6 hours per year

$50 + 8 hours per year

Time Equity
30 hours per year


*May be eligible for reciprocal agreement sponsorship when 10 or more community stakeholders from an organization join timebank and attend orientation at same time.

**Available upon interview to members who find themselves unable to meet the specific criteria of available membership options.

***Youth under 18 included at no additional cost with permission of parent or guardian who agrees to supervise all member exchange.

+Additional staff accounts available at no added expense to organizational and business members.

Annual membership contributions include a combination of dollars and time.  The dollars are used to cover modest administrative costs incurred in the basic operation of the timebank including office supplies, marketing, transport, materials and associated expenses.

The time contributes to our Community Fund which is used to offset the cost in hours for activities and events hosted by organizational members of the timebank who may require a large supply of time, but cannot support the project by reciprocating services directly themselves.

In building both time and dollar funds, the timebank honors a complementary currency system where membership fees are kept low for broad membership accessibility while also addressing the requirement that every member of the timebank be invested in sustaining our social capital pool, skills marketplace and stronger communal relationships.