Fultonia was a project which preceded the founding of the Kola Nut Collaborative, but many of the ideas explored by Michael Tekhen Strode during his tenure as editor and archivist for this project have been revisited for the development and implementation of the Collaborative.

The first interview for the Kola Nut Collaborative on specific aims and ambitions relating to the launch of this initiative was conducted between Naimah Latify and Michael Tekhen Strode for the show “Let’s Talk About It With Myeka”.

In a panel discussion hosted by F12 Network during their Utopia Ball, an audience member posed the question about whether timebanking played any role in further quantifying or corrupting relationships which might be better served by moving towards a gift economy instead.

At the close of the first session of Cooperation for Liberation, Davina’ and Tekhen sat down to unpack their thoughts on the history and lessons Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard gifted to us in “Collective Courage”. We anticipated that this might be a short sweet ten minutes recorded just before the June 5 meeting started until…

Gratitude to the company of readers who attend Cooperation for Liberation Study & Working Group for making a way toward new insights we are incapable of reaching alone.

VISIT: Solidarity Economies of Greater Chicago

Sarah Hurd hosts a phenomenal roundtable discussion for Midwest Socialist alongside a stellar group of colleagues (Renee Hatcher of the Business Enterprise Law Clinic at John Marshall Law School & Termaine Davis of Together Systems) on transforming the values of our local economy to facilitate a more rapid arrival of the solidarity economy. You find us at our most honest and willing to grapple with each other’s contradictions. You hear us dispute one another’s positions. You hear us wrestling to find a meeting point in dialogue. Every conversation is an exercise in cooperation.

“What steps are people in Chicago are taking toward creating a solidarity economy? What is a solidarity economy? Also, neoliberalism, de-growth, the problem with TIF (Tax Increment Financing) funds and Sarah debuts her plan to convince Jeff Bezos to turn Amazon into the world’s largest co-op.”