The U.S. Solidarity Economy Network defines a “solidarity economy” as an alternative framework for economic development grounded in practice of principles such as: solidarity and cooperation; multi-dimensional (or intersectional) equity; social and economic democracy; sustainability; pluralism; and people-planet first.

Representatives from Shareable and local Chicago organizers initiated one of the cities more complete Solidarity Economy mapping campaigns in conjunction with the Sharing Cities initiative in 2013. While Google Maps was selected for initial deployment, the map was later abandoned and grew outdated as organizations transitioned, merged, or changed names.

Upon launching its timebank, the Kola Nut Collaborative set about the task of bringing these organizational records up to date based upon renewed interest in building a cohesive presentation of Chicago’s solidarity economy. Our community mapping and partnership conversations later revealed that Steve Ediger of Chi Hack NightGreenrise Intentional Community, and Chicago Chamber of Commons had been working with Shareable on a new map using a more agile, non-proprietary platform, OpenStreetMap.

Below you will find the embedded map with options to filter for specific organizational categories and locate short references to the work of these organizations. If you are interested in developing your own community asset maps or being included in the larger solidarity economy map, contact the Kola Nut Collaborative for further information.